Art of Spectrum: Introduction to Light Pollution Filters

We always heard about light pollution filters for starry sky photographing. People who live in urban areas always suffer from light pollution when they look at the night sky. However, there are various kinds of filters in the market. Are they effective in filtering light pollution? How should we choose when most brands launch several different models of filters?

Equivalent: Prespective

M4/3 was introduced in 2008 by Panasonic and Olympus. It attracted some users who shoot basically with the 35mm system, and they finally switched to the new system or used it as a spare system. However, some new users thought that the M4/3 lens with matching equivalent focal length does not share the same perspective. For example, when someone uses a 17mm lens on the M4/3, he feels that the angle of view is quite different from the 35mm lens of the 35mm system. They thought, “because that’s the perspective of a 17mm lens.